Simplify Your Social Networking With Zensify for iPhone

zensifylogo.jpgUsing social networking sites to help market your band is obviously a huge topic for us at Musformation.  But ever feel overwhelmed?  There is often so much to keep up with it makes you feel like throwing in the towel on the whole idea.  Zensify, now available for iPod Touch and iPhone, aims at simplifying your life.  Zensify displays all your social networking feeds in an easy way and retains some of each network’s features while doing so.  Handling Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Photobucket and Delicious, the service allows you to search across all of these networks, track topics and research trends.  The application also allows video playback from YouTube, access to Digg stories and Delicious bookmarkts and the ability to share and browse photos on Flickr and Photobucket.  

The preview version is available now free of charge. The final
version will be made available in July as an ad-supported free app or
paid app. As social addicts, we’re enthralled by Zensify’s iPhone app
and are anxiously awaiting the full release later this year.  The preview version is currently free at the App Store with a paid or ad-supported version expected later this year.  This could really be a god-send for the socially overwhelmed!