Sign Up With SoundExchange To Get Your Unpaid Royalties


An astute commenter pointed out an amazing point made in Derek Sivers interview with Pandora that we posted earlier.

“There is a great tidbit at the end of this interview: Sound Exchange keeps half the money because they don’t have the artist’s mailing address.

This means there is tons of unclaimed royalties you could be missing out on, which makes it all the more important to register with SoundExchange. If you are not familiar with SoundExchange they are best explained in this press release:

“SoundExchange is an independent, nonprofit performance rights organization that is designated by the U.S. Copyright Office to collect and distribute digital performance royalties for featured recording artists and sound recording copyright owners (usually a record label) when their sound recordings are performed on digital cable and satellite television music, internet and satellite radio (such as XM and Sirius).   SoundExchange currently represents over 3,500 record labels and over 31,000 featured artists.   Its members include both signed and unsigned recording artists; small, medium and large independent record companies; and major label groups and artist-owned labels.”

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