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With the death of Myspace, email lists have once again become one of the most important things in successfully building a following for a group. The problem we have seen with a great number or the tools that trade fans emails for tracks is they tend to involve too many steps or have a poor interface for the user. We set out to design a email widget that could deliver a track to the fans in as few steps as possible, ensure you get real email addresses, look great and make a .csv file of all the emails so that they can be imported into any email provider. We did it and have what you see above to show for it! Try it out and if you want one yourself, contact us and we will make one for you for a very reasonable price. If you aren't convinced here is some further reading on how helpful this widget is. 
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Jesse Cannon

Jesse has worked in every aspect of the music industry from running record stores, playing in bands, managing bands, booking numerous clubs, running a record label and a PR dept. and radio engineering. He is most known as a recording engineer and producer who has worked with a wide range or acts like The Cure, Animal Collective, Limp Bizkit, and The Misfits. Somehow between that and editing he has the time to still work with artists and run Musformation services. In the rare event he is not working he enjoys reading about politics and economics, hopefully while eating Indian food.

Todd Thomas

Singer and guitarist for the band Sensual Harassment, Todd has been a musician and unabashed gear junkie for over 15 years.  Todd has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and worked as music journalist for 4 years.  Before coming to Musformation, he spent 4 years in NYC working in online marketing and web design.  His other interests include: fitted clothing, cheap wine, film noir cinema and vintage Roland gear produced before 1989. 

Jackie Brennan

Jackie, a native of New Jersey, has spent the better part of her life between NYC and the magical Garden State. She transplanted herself to the Midwest in 2004 and holds a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Digital Media and Photography from Webster University. She currently does freelance web and software development. Jackie and her army of talented designers and developers handle all of the technical and design functions for and Musformation Services. When she's not geeking out in front of the computer, she's probably on the phone with Jesse engaged in tech talk. Otherwise, she enjoys dancing, reading, and eating sushi. on Facebook