SEO And Twitter For Musicians – Why It Is Now Important!


Have you heard of Bing? It’s Microsofts new way to Google (yes, let’s all save the laughter for another Microsoft fail). Unfortunately you have to care, since Bing is now the default search engine on Internet Explorer and tons of people who aren’t Internet nerds actually use that browser as opposed to more evolved browsers like Firefox and Safari. Bing is ahead of the curve in one respect, in that they are showing tweets in their search results. Google won’t be far behind and if Yahoo doesn’t fall over like a tired old man walking up the stairs it is surely next to do so. After the jump we will show you how to navigate through this all.

  1. Pick The Name People Will Google – Let’s start with the obvious. You want the Twitter name people are going to Google (even if they are Binging it). If you have a long name you will not be able to use it, Rather than using your intitials (unless your band is well known by your initials) use the first few words of your bands name till Twitter cuts you off with their imposing character limits (it is what they are known for).
  2. Put Your Band’s Name And Your Website Or Most Updated Site In Your Bio – Your bio is a place to not only mention who you are but you also needs to optimize your SEO with a mention (especially if your bands name isn’t your Twitter name) of your name again. Some people still hate Twitter and if they see your website in the results for your Twitter they may click since they know they can get there in another click.
  3. Link Your Twitter From Your Other Sites With The Full URL – If you have your Twitter listed in your band details on Myspace or any other site do it like so: This will help your SEO much more then just a link.
  4. Mention Your Song Names And Album Names In Your Tweets – Don’t just link them with URL shorteners. Say the song, artist and album names.
  5. The First 42 Characters Are The Key To Good SEOMashable is claiming that search results look particularly at the first 42 characters of your tweets, so choose your first words wisely!

Happy tweeting!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.