Seeking Good Band Management

band_manager_musformation.jpgIf your band gets to a certain level, at some point it becomes obvious that you need to add more members to the team in order to become successful.  But in our modern music era, even getting to that point means that a band must prove themselves.  It is the responsibility of the artist to get their finances, recordings and live show booking under control before even thinking about a manager.  In short, the more you do for yourself, the easier it will be to find a manager/PR agent and the more likely they will be to take you on (no serious person in the industry wants to take on a “project” band).  With such an over-saturation of music and bands out there now, managers can be more choosy in what talent they want to work with, leaving the artist with more responsibility before they can even catch someone’s eye.  Luckily, even places like Twitter are crawling with PR agents and managers who are constantly looking for new bands.  Use your existing social network of bands to seek out a referral so you aren’t making too many cold calls.  For more ideas on the topic, check this article.