Scratch DJ Academy Puts Records In The Classroom

scratch_space.jpgThese days everyone seems to be a “DJ”.  But most of the people we see are “record selectors” or iTunes jockeys.   DJ’ing is an art-form and spinning records takes more than a computer and access to Pirate Bay for some low bit-rate downloads.  Luckily, there is a place like Scratch DJ Academy – an amazing DJ and music production school located in NYC, Miami and LA.  In addition to general  classes on DJ’ing, Scratch’s incredible facility offers classes for beat making, sampling, music production and even private DJ lessons.    Not surprising, Scratch was founded in part by the late, great Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC in 2002, continuing his legacy with their mission to further validate, extend and elevate DJ’ing to an even higher level.  Scratch’s faculty includes impressive staff members like Rob Swift (X-Ecutioners), Beverly Bond, and Noumenon amongst others.  Scratch DJ Academy offers classes for n00bz as well as very advanced level artists, so no matter what your experience level, it’s worth a look.  For more information, visit here.