Same Old Song: Radio Is Not Indie-friendly

same_old_song.gifEver notice there are bands, often very popular bands, that play the late night TV circuit, make the cover of magazines, are on the bills at huge festivals and yet still never seem to get airplay on the radio?  Future of Music Coalition thinks you’re not alone in your observation.  Their recent massive study called “Same Old Song: An Analysis of Radio Playlists in a Post FCC-Consent Decree World“, FMC tackles this issue in depth.  Their findings?  Apparently, the situation is not improving for indies and few people seem to be doing anything about it.  Even after the recent payola schemes were uncovered and the major stations agreed to play 4,200 hours collectively of local, regional and unsigned artists, the situation (according to their data) doesn’t seem to have improved.  In short, the report confirms that radio, a medium that seems to be quickly dying as it is, is content to shoot its own foot off before it kicks the bucket.  Full story here