Rumor: New Pro Tools Coming Soon?


From the “I Read It On the Internet, So It Must Be True” Files!
A user on has claimed he spoke to a Digidesign Rep at Musikmesse 2009 this week and they told him:

“I talked to someone there telling him how I thought it was unthinkable
that LE or M-powered STILL didn’t have Latency compensation and How
PTHD was way too old technology to invest that kind of money in it
right now.
He totally agreed with me said that they knew HD was too old and that
LE needed to comp, he said don’t worry it’s coming I said WHEN?? he
said I can’t talk much about it right now but within the next 12

It seems it would be impossible for Pro Tools to not update HD at this point, so this does seem to be a logical rumor. (Source)

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