Roland Juno Contest Giveaway

Since we talk about Roland Juno’s so much and since we’ve already mentioned another contest this week, we thought we would show you one more.  Anyway, what’s the prize for winning and why am I talking about this contest?  Naturally, it is absurd.  Roland keyboards were made famous in large part due to the affordable and amazing Juno series from the 80′s.  Their line of Juno’s now are nothing short of awful and an attempt to capitalize on their past success. The “prize” is a free POS
Juno Stage keyboard. Wow, thanks, great news. So if I use my two awesome vintage analog Roland Juno’s synths to advertise for your company, you’re going to give me one of your new clunk boxes that no one wants?  Super.  How about just pay the bills when my 106 goes in the shop for another chip replacement?