Roland Juno 106 Tips Part 2:
The Librarian

roland_juno_106.pngLike many of you, I’ve bought quite a few old keyboards only to discover that the sounds previous users have programmed turned out to be real duds.  My second Juno 106 was a great example – here is an amazing keyboard using an excellent synth engine but with horrible presets from another owner.  If you are not an expert at synth programming then recreating sounds can be difficult.

One generous user has provided an answer to our problems with the Juno 106 Librarian.  This free program (for Mac and PC) allows you to change presents from your computer and communicate with your keyboard through midi connections.  So now you can even download the original sound library that your Juno 106 came with so that it’s like starting from scratch.  Even better, you can save various libraries without having to worry about losing old sounds.  The librarian can be found here and a page with original present sound samples can be found at Although difficult to find, some users also occasionally post their custom preset libraries online to share, keep an eye for those if and when you can find them and let us know if you do!

  • Tres Manos

    Please excuse my ignorance.. Running on OSX 10.6.8
    I’ve downloaded Juno 106 Librarian, as well as the osxmidi4j-1.0-jar-with-dependancies.jar file they tell you to download and placed that in the Library Java extensions folder.
    My question is: How on earth do I launch the Juno 106 Librarian???!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!! My juno battery died and all the sounds are gone and I would love to do a Sysex Dump.. thanks in advance to anyone who can help.