Roland Juno 106 Tips: Part 1

roland_juno106.jpgRoland’s Juno 106 is one of the most popular analog synths of all time (and for a good reason).  Produced from ’84-’88, the Juno 106 is known for its diverse sound capabilities, classic filters and most notably, its bass sounds. Used by artists as diverse as The Cure, Autechre, Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim and Underworld, the 106 is a great piece of gear that can still be had at a decent price (around $400). 

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Want to get more bang from your Juno’s bass sounds? Try unison mode. To achieve this, press both the Poly1 and Poly2 buttons at the same time (both lights should come on).  From there you are in the monophonic, super-thick unison mode. Sounds (especially bass) gets thicker and you can get a strange sort of phasing going on, that is actually sonically pleasant to hear.  This sounds as if it may be the origin of some of the bass lines on Boys Noize’s song “Superfresh”. 

Original Song:

Some YouTuber’s showing their Juno skills mimicking the song:

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