Richie Hawtin Twitterevoltionary!

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Richie Hawtin is leading the Twitterevolution. He is planning on Twittering the contents of his DJ set every night. While some people are complaining, calling this Twitter spam. I find a light of hope in this “spam.” I often go out to see DJs and hear a song that I fall in love with. the next day Isit on Hype Machine trying to find the clues of who could have made it, wasting hours of my time. With Hawtin’s new idea, I could simply look at the DJ’s Twitter and get my answer, saving me an hour of scouring through cheesy Mash-Ups on Hype Machine all aternoon. Here is what Hawtin has to say for himself:

The new application, developed in-house by Bryan McDade at Hawtin’s
Minus label, works as a conduit between Traktor and the online
messaging utility Twitter. Minus and Native Instruments worked closely
together to optimize the Traktor software for this special use.

The Twitter DJ application utilizes feeds from an updated version of
Traktor’s standard broadcasting technology to send 30 second updates
during Hawtin’s set of what’s currently playing to a designated Twitter
account, allowing anyone following the Twitter group to obtain a unique
insight into how a DJ builds the atmosphere and dynamics of a set,
track by track, and in real time. The track information is freely
accessible from any Twitter configured personal mobile devices (even
from the dance floor) and archived online on the Twitter page.

This concept is also a significant step towards helping smaller
independent record companies and artists to gain further recognition
and free promotion when their releases are played as digital files.

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