Reddit Wisdom: How To Build Your Fanbase

Right now there is a fantastic discussion going on inside the sub-Reddit We Are The Music Makers, about how to build a fanbase. The discussion is bringing many pearls of wisdom including what we have listed below.

“There’s a dude who hangs around union square here in San Francisco with his red-ass pair of Dre Beats on pawning his hip-hop beats. And dudes well dressed, this isn’t some trashy dude busking. He’s just saying “Hey, I make music, wanna listen?”

I bet you he makes more than 11 an hour doing that. He’s out there too much to not be making a fair amount.

Cost of business: Make the music. Burn to CD. 0 in “marketing” dollars.”jewbacabra

“Whatever you do. DO NOT push your music on people.

Casually mention your songs every once in a while in general conversation, but never overbear your potential fans with spam “I’m a struggling musician listen to this etc. etc.” It only hurts you, it makes people NOT want to listen to you because you sound like an amateur and you sound desperate.

Encourage your current fans to share with others. Your established fans will be what makes things happen for you. They are your bloodline now.

And last tip: Communicate with other musicians of ALL genres. Make connections. They will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.” - JustinWaylonM






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