Re: Myspace Email – Your Away Message Doesn’t Work AND You Have To Check It


Ugh, bad news. Yesterday, we told you about Myspace launching a new email service where you could get your own address. We discovered a few things that are major bum outs (note: these are my own experiments and basing them on sending messages between a few accounts for the past 24 hours, they may change some of this).
  • If you already had set up a Myspace away message it doesn’t work on your Myspace email. Just regular messages. This means you would have to actually sign in to myspace to get your mail since it won’t bounce back with your away message. LAME!
  • If you have your preferences setup to receive notifications of new messages it doesn’t send them to you when you receive a new email. So you also have no idea whether you have received an email or not
  • I tried to setup Myspace to send email to the Mac Mail app and Thunderbird and had no luck
  • I checked my mail on the iPhone and Androiud App and it does show up there so for those of you who regularly check your Myspace in this way you are safe.

While it is probably a good idea to reserve your Myspace email address so no one else takes it, you are also going to have to check it – which sucks. Checking another website can be painful these days. If this is going to really bum you out, we suggest skipping getting your Myspace email till they make it functional instead of another way to drive traffic to their ghost town site.

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