Re: Making A “Mixtape” Of Your Friends And Local Scene Can Help You All

mixtapde.jpgYesterday, we wrote an article about how mixtape’s can help build you and your scene/crew of friends a bigger following. Subsequently, Musformation’s favorite commenter Davey Wavey asked some questions about the subject –

“So how would a mixtape work over the interwebz yo? Ain’t
it just a playlist of some kind. Spell it out for me LOL. I want to know
how to implement this.

I was talking with a friend and he explained to me that he used to be
active on the tape trading scene. He’s into Metal and I guess the tapes
might be of rare rehearsal recordings and gigs plus maybe obscure bands
with material never to be reissued.

So there is a passion for this and it still goes on. But how can rock
bands to the mixtape thing?”

After the jump we will get into some details.

To start we need to assemble some songs and/or a playlist. After you know all the songs you will be using from you and your scene/friends you need to make a mix. Perhaps you are going to put on 5 or 6 friends bands, and 3 tracks of your’s maybe something rare that you drop for just a few minutes (you don’t have to play the tracks all the way through). Please make sure you get your friend’s permission to use their music, before doing any of this as well, people can be weird about how their music is distributed. One of the things you can do to entice them is make the cuts so you don’t play their whole track.

There is countless DJ software that can make a mix, whether it is Traktor, Ableton or whatever. You can even do this in GarageBand or Pro Tools by just aligning the songs in the order you want them and making crossfades between them. If you are really smooth you can take to a DJ mixer and some decks and do it live. No matter what you want to record this mix down and make it into a MP3 so we can distribute it to the world.

Next we need to get this out to the world. You now have an MP3 with a whole bunch of hot tracks on it. What all the major blogs do when they post these things is they either host them on their own website via FTP, use file sharing sites like ZShare or if you are really smart you will use great services like Fairtilizer or SoundCloud which allow for you to see analitics and a ton of other great interface features. After you have your selivery method together we need to write the tracklist up. To see a great example of this our friends at BigStereo always write a great tracklist for the mixes they post. This will help people know who they are listening to and help build up your following. Once you do alert the press and all of the other groups and get the word out so that you can all build your following together.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.