Re: 7 SEO Mistakes Bands Make

seo.jpgYesterday, we linked you to a great article about the mistakes that bands make when trying to achieve optimal SEO. Despite the majority of the article being a great lesson, there was one bit of knowledge in need of a fact check. The first rule was to avoid a site being built totally in Flash. While this was the case in the past that Google would not pick up the content of the site, they have since fixed the issue. The times change way to fast, these days for anyone to keep up!

H/T to  our Web Developer Jackie Brennan for pointhing this out!

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  • Apellmusic

    While Google can index the text content in a Flash file it is still preferable to have a HTML site with multiple unique & targetted URLs which you don’t get with a purely Flash site.
    Also Google will still generally rank a HTML text site over an Flash site with the equivalent text content. I am amazed to see so many “cool” looking band sites still being built that rarely appear in the search results even when you search for the band name.
    The saving grace is actually MySpace which uses HTML text. MySpace band pages usually appear in the search results when I am searching for a particular band in Google.