Rdio Now Licensing With CD Baby & TuneCore

Of the streaming services out there Rdio still stands as my personal favorite. Their interface is clean, and the New Releases page is a great way to keep current with what comes out every week. It really has made a huge difference in how I ingest music. The one glaring omission it has always had is the lack of DIY releases from smaller artists. That has now changes, with their agreement to license songs from CD Baby and TuneCore’s library. Get more info over at Billboard.

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    I heard a statistic from someone who works at Harry Fox that 95% of all streams that occur happen to just 5% of the music available. Having a huge catalogue doesn’t make a service more desirable but having the songs people want to hear does. Out of those 18,000 songs added how many are going to be listened to by people other than the band’s mothers and girlfriends/boyfriends?

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