Promote Your Band By Adding Value (Write For This Site)

little_red_book.jpgA few years ago I was turned onto a fantastic set of books from author Jeffery Gitomer , beginning with “The Little Red Book of Selling”.  A sort of sales/marketing genius, Gitomer proposes that you offer value before you ever try and sell anything (in this case, that would mean your band).  So what exactly is he getting at?  We think he means before trying to add a million friends on Myspace/Facebook or sending your CD off to a zillion labels, perhaps try giving something to the music community first.  This could mean anything from giving a speech at a music event, writing an article about the industry, or helping other bands record themselves, for starters.  If they like/trust you, they are much more likely to hear you/your music out.  Once you become a leader of something and offer what you have, people will follow. After the jump, we’ll expound upon this idea. 

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that adding friends to my band’s Myspace page wasn’t helping.  Even if our “numbers” were going up, we weren’t getting the kind of attention we wanted.  Adding value was one of the reasons Jesse and I started this site.  If you happen to like me and what I have to say, maybe you’ll also like my band, but I’m not going to shove it down your throat.  This way I’m attracting an audience who is already interested in me, instead of trying to convert those who would never be interested in the first place. 

So how else can you add value?  Perhaps you’d like to be involved in this site.  It’s not important that you be an expert at anything, just that you have something to share that may be helpful to others.  Musformation is about building a unique community of people with similar interests to share secrets, stories and opinions in matters that are important to us.  We’re not the gurus, we’re not the final word, we’re just passionate about music and the creation of it.  Writing (or offering design/computer skills) is a great way to give back to this site and you may get a chance to plug your band in the process.  Want to help out?  Contact us at: