Programming Note – We Want Your Music Videos!

Thumbnail image for musformation.pngOne of the things that really excites us are music videos. We consistently have readers of the site send us awesome videos they have made and post them to our roundup section. One of the things we would like to start discussing is how these videos are made. If you make a music video for your song DIY style we would love to hear any story or things you learned while making it. Spread some knowledge and get some press for your music!

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  • deck21

    I made a music video for a band called “Apologies I have None”. Its called “Punk Dedication” and I uploaded it to Youtube.
    I used a collection of footage I took with my phone (which has an amazing built in camera) and pieced it together in iMovie.
    Its fairly simple.
    I just try to shuffle the song so that the cuts occur in time with the beat. You’ll notice little things like when a small chime is hit in the song the video cuts to one of the drummers hitting his cymbal and through the middle 8 I thought it would be effective to insert a lengthy semi slow motion segment.
    Interestingly the slow motion effect is a by product of the phones night mode. I never meant to capture that footage and was gutted at the time but in the final cut it suited the video really well.
    I’m hoping to use Pro-tools to cut to video in future, hopefully to one of my own tracks but what I love about this video is that its as much about the audience as it is about the band.
    I think as music progresses we stop seeing the band as the focal point and interest turns more to the crowd and crowd interaction. I definitely get much better footage from the crowd making pyramids and crowd surfing then I get from a band strumming for five minutes
    Here’s the link: