Programming Note – One Year Of Musformation!


This past Saturday was March 6th, which while being insignificant in the
grand scheme of things, this was a big day for Musformation. After two
months of planning, brain storming and research Todd and I officially
started posting to Musformation on a daily basis on 3/6/09. It wasn’t a
planned launch as much as a bunch of bugs got fixed, we started giving
out the URL, and we had something to say. The later part of that saying
is a lot of what this site is about. We have something to say.

was founded on the idea that if we got a discourse and a database of
knowledge on all the things a musician needs to know, music would
improve and we could empower more musicians to be able to REALLY make
careers without the help of loan shark label situations (not to say all
labels are these, we just wants to obsolete the ones who hold on to old,
unfair practices). Instead of bitching that our favorite bands don’t
have the funding and that no one can write a song we decided to get that
information out to the world to try to improve this world. Instead of
focusing solely on business practices we wanted to make sure musicians
had knowledge on the latest equipment that could help their creativity
to make something fresh, interesting and new.

A year in we have
numbers that depending on which tracking source you look at are just as
big as the largest music industry blogs out there and keep growing at an
insane rate. We are beyond grateful to you guys and look forward to
trying to bring you relevant and interesting information that no other
site is thoroughly covering.

In the year since we did that, the
blog definitely took on many different directions which I think will
never end. We are always shifting interests and trying out new things.
Some of those new things will be listed below.

* Sadly, after a
year of Pro Tools Tips Of The Day the well has run pretty dry. Whenever
there is something cool to post about it will go up, but I am no longer
(and haven’t been for a few weeks) going to spend an hour looking for
any obvious Pro Tools tips just to make a personal quota. As always, if
you see something cool send it in.

* All of our content in the
Musformation Guide To Getting Your Band Somewhere is getting turned into
a book as we speak (in fact a lot of it is already done). We are still
in discussions with who will be putting it out, but I can tell you this,
it will not be like any guide you have ever seen on this subject before
and are pretty shocked about the unique form it has taken on. We hope
to have it to you before the summer.

* You will start to see a
new feature called Before We Met, where we will be pulling some of our
very early content and linking it on a daily basis. We wrote a lot of
cool articles last year and we know many people don’t have the time to
dig through them. We will bring them back for the next few months with a
quick little link. We hope you enjoy them!

* We are going to
make good on some promises we have made in the past now that we have
some more time on our hands. More Forensics of a Song and more
experiments in the potential of some of the many tools out there for
musicians. Look forward to some fresh new content!

Thanks again
for all of your support, remember this is your site too, we love to
publish stories and ideas you may have. We always try to help groups
figure out answers to problems, so if you are having trouble with
something please hit us up and we will try to write an article that
answers your problem.

PS – In my morning haze of writing this I should mention a thorough thank you to webmaster Jackie Brennan who has done countless hours on this site and worked harder than we can ever know on it. Dom, John and Martin have given us many insightful articles as well. Thanks so much everyone.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.

  • Jackie Brennan

    Wow…I can’t believe it’s been a year already! It has been wonderful working with Jesse and Todd! I must admit that there have been times behind the scenes that were less than wonderful, but we worked through it, and I’m very proud of what we have done (yes, I am fanning myself a little)! Congrats! Hopefully there will be much more to come!

  • Jesse Cannon

    You’re the best ETL.