Pro Tools Tip Of The Day: Use The Line Input On Your DIGI002/003/MBox


If you own a Digi 002/003 and an outboard Mic Pre or Console, you may be not getting the cleanest signal possible. Despite what they may have taught you at school, you don’t always want to plug the XLR output of your Pre into the XLR input of your Interfaces. All of the XLR In’s on these Interfaces have Mic Pre’s on them that cannot be bypassed (at least not without a soldering Iron), these Mic Pre’s color the sound in an unpleasant way. Instead you should pick up an XLR to 1/4″ adapter for a few dollars (try Redco) and use Inputs 5-8 on your 002/003 or Inputs Line L/R on your MBox 2 Pro. Enjoy cleaner audio!

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