Pro Tools Tip Of The Day: Pro Tools 8.0cs2 Update Now Available

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If you are like me you are totally in love with Pro Tools 8! Though there definitely still some bugs. Pro Tools announced last week the latest CS update so get it while it’s hot to get your system running better. It is available now in HD, LE, and M-Powered for Mac and PC.

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Here are the details:

All Platforms (HD, LE, M-Powered, Mac & Windows)

Fixed: Regions Are Inadvertently Deleted and Pro Tools Crashes When Opening Sessions Which Had Their Session Start Time Changed (Item #113177)
After changing the session start time and maintaining time code, Pro Tools will delete additional playlists and crash with a kernel panic after saving and closing the session. You may see any of the following errors prior to the crash: “Could not complete the close session command because basic_string::_S_create” or “Bus error” in thread “Main Thread”, at address 0×0.”
Fixed: Crash When Moving an Automated Plug-in from Inserts F-J to Inserts A-E (Item #113115)
Moving (dragging) an automated plug-in from inserts F-J to inserts A-E while the automation lane for one of the plug-in’s parameters is visible may crash Pro Tools.
Fixed: When Using Inserts F-J, Plug-in Automation Written to One Plug-In Will Overwrite Other Automation or be Erased (Items #113097 & #113120)
Writing automation to one plug-in located on inserts F-J will cause the same automation data to be written to all other plug-ins located on insert F-J on the same track. Previously existing automation will be overwritten (or erased if the “Plug-In Controls Default to Auto-Enabled” preference is checked) after saving, closing and reopening the session.

HD & LE Only (Mac & Windows)

Fixed: With a Surround Send, Pan Automation Gets Stuck in One Channel on Playback (Item #112702)
When assigning sends to a bus sub-path and using the “follow main pan” function, send pan automation may get stuck and not play back dynamically.
Applies to Pro Tools HD users, and Pro Tools LE with Complete Production Toolkit users only.
Fixed: Avid Video Playback is Offset by Pre-Roll Amount When Pro Tools is Online (Items #112452 & #112456)
When chasing time code and simultaneously playing back Avid video via Mojo, Mojo SDI, or AVoption|V10 hardware, setting pre-roll in Pro Tools will cause picture to be offset by the pre-roll amount. Additionally, video playback will stop before the end of the video clip.

HD, LE, M-Powered Mac Only

Fixed: Magic ID Error When Opening Sessions (Item #112750)
In certain cases sessions will not open due to the following error: “Could not complete the Open Session command because magic ID does not match while translating Session Window Config.” This error is more likely to occur in tandem with very large track counts (~100) and long (>1 hour) recordings.
Fixed: Mouse Offset and General GUI Problems With Third Party Plug-ins (Item #112890)
Certain third party plug-ins such as Addictive Drums or UVI Workstation will not function correctly under Pro Tools 8. Mouse clicks are vertically offset and parts of the plug-in GUI will not draw correctly.

HD Mac Only

Fixed: Logic 8 Crashes When Using DAE and Pro Tools HD Hardware (Item #112757)
Logic Pro 8.x will unexpectedly quit when attempting to record audio via Pro Tools hardware and DAE.

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