Pro Tools Tip Of The Day: Pro Tools 7.4cs10 & 7.4.2cs4 Updates Now Available

avid logo.jpgDigidesign has announced CS updates for those users still using Pro Tools 7.4. The fix covers many operational errors. For more details head to the jump.

Pro Tools 7.4cs10 updates for all versions of Pro Tools 7.4 for Tiger
and Windows; and Pro Tools 7.4.2cs4 updates for all versions of Pro
Tools 7.4.2 for Leopard are available for download from the Pro Tools
CS Updates page in the Support section:

Pro Tools CS Updates

Pro Tools 7.4.2 Systems
The following are the current CS Updates for Pro Tools 7.4.2. Previous
installation of Pro Tools 7.4.2 for Mac OS X Leopard is required.

Released July 30, 2009:

Pro Tools 7.4 Systems
The following are the current CS Updates for Pro Tools 7.4. Previous installation of Pro Tools 7.4 is required.

Released July 30, 2009:

What’s New in These Updates?
In addition to all fixes from previous CS versions, Pro Tools 7.4cs10 and 7.4.2cs4 include the following:

HD, LE, M-Powered (Mac & Windows)

Fixed: A play command in Pro Tools may not always engage playback on the first attempt (Item #114517)

  • After
    a play command, the Play and Stop buttons may flash, however, Pro Tools
    does not playback. Subsequent tries would allow playback.

Fixed: Cannot open sessions due to PolyVector error (Item #114287)

  • Certain
    sessions cannot be opened due to the following error: “Could not
    complete your request because out_of_range: Cmn_PolyVectorImpl::At”

Fixed: Audible drift when using PAL to Film TCE conversion on long audio files (Item #113490)

  • Using
    the Time Shift Varispeed preset (PAL to Film -4%) will result in a file
    that drifts over time and runs out of sync with picture.

HD, LE, M-Powered (Windows)

Fixed: Cannot select the number of RTAS processors on a hyperthreading-enabled CPU (Item #114048)

  • When
    working with a hyperthreading-enabled processor, Pro Tools does not
    allow selection of the number of RTAS processors in the Playback Engine

HD (Mac & Windows)

Fixed: Missing audio while recording with Destructive Punch (Item #78780)

  • After a record pass using Destructive Punch, there may be a waveform present but no audio recorded to disk.

LE (Mac)

Fixed: OS X may become unresponsive while using Core Audio applications with Mbox 2 USB interfaces (Item #100422)

  • The
    operating system becomes unresponsive (spinning beach ball, freeze, or
    “kernel panic” message), requiring a restart of the computer.

Please Note: Connecting or disconnecting an interface while the
computer is turned on (hot swapping) can also cause problems with the
operating system, such as “You need to restart your computer” (kernel
panic) messages. This is a separate issue unrelated to the fix listed
above. Hot swapping is not recommended with any audio interface,
particularly when that interface is being used by an application.

Fixed: With Original Mbox on Intel-Based Macs, DAE Error -9136 Could Occur During Playback (Item #83438)

  • This problem does not occur on any Mbox 2 products or PowerPC-based Macs
  • Please note that for Intel-based macs only, this fix will add
    approximately 3ms of monitoring latency when performing with virtual
  • This fix eliminates many, but not all instances of error -9136
    during playback with the original Mbox on Intel-based Macs. For other
    possible causes of -9136 errors, see the following article: DAE error -9136 with an Mbox on Mac OS X.

LE (Windows)

Fixed: Pro Tools LE does not launch when connected to a VENUE system via FWx card (Item #113126)

  • Pro Tools LE would hang on “DAE Loaded” while launching when connected via FWx card.

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