Pro Tools Tip Of The Day:
Limit Recording Allocation


Are you running on a limited amount of hard disk space? Do you routinely have less then 10% of your hard drives capacity to record with? If you are answering yes to these questions, you are also probably noticing Pro Tools is running REALLY slow when trying to record audio. If you are not recording long segments of audio (like a full band practice), a simple tweak under the preferences can get your PT system running much smoother. Simply go under “Preferences” and then “Operation”, go over to the “Open Ended Record Allocation” (see picture) item and limit your recording down to the longest number of minutes you may ever run a track for (I use 10 minutes for safety, though I rarely go past 6). Note: This will make PT stop recording after how ever many minutes you specify, so if you  are routinely leaving your PT system in record for long amounts of time (10 minutes and above) this setting can be devestating to the capturing of ideas. If you need to record a long piece of audio and you don’t normally do that, it is a simple tweak to click back over to “Use All Available Space”.

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