Pro Tools Tip Of The Day: Getting More Tracks Out Of Pro Tools LE

Pro Tools Le.jpgGetting more tracks out of Pro Tools LE is a thought on every LE users mind. With just 32 tracks, users are left wanting a little more. Today we will offer you the few ideas we have on how to do it!

  • Digidesign offers 64 Tracks for a list price of $395 through their Music Production Toolkit. It also features unlimited Aux Inputs and 32 busses. That can be had through reputable eBay stores for a little less, as well as from Digidesign who packages it at a discount price
  • If you have the expansion pack you can achieve up to 96 tracks. Here is how gearslutz advises to do it, “you can cram two mono tracks into one stereo pair (just drag in the
    regions side by side). This is a bit awkward and has its limits, but it
    does work! Each channel of the stereo pair has its own independent pan slider, and
    you can use the multi-mono Trim plugin (unlink it by clicking the
    joined rings) to set (and automate) independent volume levels. You can
    also use other multi-mono plugins, unlinked, with different settings
    for each side or one side bypassed. If those facilities aren’t enough,
    you can use a bus send to a mono bus where you can apply other plugins
    (including ones that don’t support multi-mono) and automation.”
  • Print tracks and use the Ableton Live LE that came with your system for tracks that play small parts. Reverse cymbals, backing vocals and little production details are ideal choices. submix them down in Ableton and tweak as necessary. 
  • Sync another computer through MTC and bring it in through an Aux.
  • Learn to commit to tracks! Commitment to sounds can make you a much better producer/engineer. Commiting to ideas is an essential skill, and many top producers, songwriters swear by it. Even producers like Mutt Lange who was notorious for stacking tracks, would bounce tracks down to sub mixes. If you are scared to commit, simply make the bounce and turn the original tracks to inactive. That way you can go back and reblend the tracks if you messed up!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.