Policing The Pirates:
Return of the RIAA

riaahead.jpgIt’s been a while since we’ve heard any news from the RIAA, but it looks like they’re back again and this time they’re bringing some heavy hitters with them.  The lobbying group of the RIAA seems to have given up on its often fruitless lawsuit frenzy (at least temporarily) and is instead teaming with AT&T and Comcast to try and fight the evils of piracy.  According to Pitchfork, as a sort of warning, AT&T will be sending “cover letters” to some of it’s internet users using large amounts of bandwidth.  While none of that sounds too scary yet, rest assure things will probably get more aggressive.   The question is how hard the Internet Service Providers will be bullying for the RIAA considering they will be scaring away customers in DROVES.