Pioneer Announces The New CDJ-2000

CDJ-2000_3-4_HERO.jpgWith much of the DJ world turning to applications like Serato, Pioneer is taking a calculated risk with their new release, the CDJ-2000.   However, the updated “DJ CD player” does bring in some interesting features.  One thing for certain is that DJ’s do appreciate dedicated hardware – often seemingly more stable by design because it’s made to do just what you’re using it for.  The CDJ-2000 has the ability to play a number of file formats including MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files.  In addition, the device has a USB memory port and plays from SD cards and DVD’s as well.  Being an occasional DJ myself, I know that the thought of not having to risk a beer-soaked incident with my laptop brings a great amount of relief and for those who worry about such things, this could be a serious contender.  Will it challenge Serato?  Probably not, but could be a viable option for some.  For more info and some snazzy pics, try here