Back To Mono Part 2: Panning In Mono???


This is the second post in a series where we will be discussing how listening in Mono can help your mixes. Check out Part 1 Here.

Right now, some of you Musformation readers think I am smoking rocks. You can’t tell panning in Mono!!! I will disprove your assertion by challenging you to try it. I first heard about this technique in a interview with Alan Moulder, one of the best mixers in the game, who said he used this technique to find room for the elements in the mix that shouldn’t be panned LCR. To try this technique out, follow the instructions from our previous mono lesson and set you monitor section to play back in Single Speaker Mono. Next, we want to find an element of the song that we dont want to pan Hard Left, Hard Right, or Center, perhaps a background vocal, counter melody guitar or synth, or a synth pad. Take this track and bring it down so it is slightly buried in the mix. Try wiggling your pan knob on this track slowly and notice how you can hear spots where the instrument starts to get clearer. Thats where you should pan this instrument! Told ya so!

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