Op-Ed: Why Weren’t The Ramones Called To Testify In The Phil Spector Case?


Friends of mine often ask me why I don’t tell some stories about all the bands I have worked with and dish out some dirt? Well, dig in! You would imagine in a trial like Phil Spector’s case, it would help the prosecution to call a character witness who had once had a gun pulled on them. In a VERY famous incident, while recording End Of The Century, Producer Phil Spector pulled a gun on the band and demanded they play wife Ronnie’s hit “Baby I Love You”.

Years ago, while working with Marky Ramone on a Misfits record, I said to Marky, “So why did Phil Spector pull a gun on you guys?” He replied with a very confrontational “HE DIDN’T PULL A GUN ON ME!!! IT WAS THOSE GUYS!!!!” I sheepishly backed down seeing that I had touched a nerve. Throughout the whole Spector trial, I was hoping one of the two surviving members of the band would get called to the bench. Sometime later it dawned on me why this would never happen: Marky adored Phil and wasn’t there for the incident, whereas Johnny is a Crazed Republican and probably supports the right to bear arms in these instances. It then became clear to me I would never hear Marky’s amazing accent on the stand and I was filled with sadness for the rest of that day. Apperantly, the prosecution didn’t need the help.

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