Off The Record Podcast: Episode 1 A Ripoff Of A Taking Back Sunday Song

The first episode of my new podcast I do with my good friend Zack Zarrillo of Property of Zack is now available. We discuss music, the music business, tech and a bunch of other fun stuff. You can find it on all of the various formats which are linked below as well as a summary of this episode.

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How do bands act when they’re blowing up or getting hype?

  • How do those in the music industry act when they smell potential?
  • The Hotelier on the by-product of Home, Like NoPlace There Is.

Who Deserves Credit for Making Emo Cool Again?

Beats Music’s shift in strategy. Is it too late? Probably not.

Hypocrisy got its quota filled with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

After Dark:

Bands mentioned: The HotelierMan OverboardModern BaseballTransit
Apps mentioned: BeatsRdioSpotify
Recommendations: (I Think) I’m Leaving by Better Off, Flies In All Directions by Weatherbox, Crooks In Paradise by Crooks, Only Lovers Left Alive, and Jodorwosky’s Dune.

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