Off The Record Podcast Ep. 7 Yo Yo Mosh

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1. Bandcamp

  • Name Your Own Price tool.
  • Bands get emails from supporters, unlike on Facebook.
  • Older labels like Jade Tree, Deathwish, Polyvinyl taking advantage.
  • The of today?

2. Amazon Prime Music

  • Free for all Prime subscribers at $99/year.
  • Has 1,000,000 songs to start.
  • No Universal Music Group artists like blink-182, Jay Z, New Found Glory, Lady Gaga.
  • Web app is clunky, iOS app is useable.
  • Serves Amazon, not the artist.
  • An Amazon Smartphone may be coming.

One Year Or I’m Out

  • Bands needing “one year” to see if they’ve gotten enough popularity to make it worth continuing on for.
  • Geoff Rickly on Worst Gig Ever.
  • Often the first year ends up just being needed groundwork.
  • Fans must support those bands like Spraynard or Algernon before they’re gone.

Yo Yo Mosh

  • You Mosh, You Crowd Surf
    You Get Hurt
    We Get Sued
    No More Warped Tour
  • In relation to EDC and PSAs.
  • What’s the end game?

Warped Tour’s Woman Problem

  • Only 20 percent of the 120-plus acts include at least one female.
  • If you count the female population of the bands on an individual level, women make up only 6 percent of the tour.
  • Kevin Lyman’s quotes hurt the point of the article itself.
  • 6 women on Alternative Press cover in 3 years. 2 out of 5 times have been Hayley Williams.
  • The business of Warped versus the business of a magazine, and their duties.

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