Obituary Of A Theory: It’s Hard For People To Find “Real Artists” Today


Yesterday we linked to the Documentary, Before The Music Dies. I took the time to watch it last night and it is full of curmudgeons complaining! Throughout the Doc, there were assertions as if Radio’s glass cieling of airplay makes it impossible to find new artists today. In case you haven’t heard, every Music Radio Station is freaking out since listenership is WAY DOWN! They no longer have the influence they used to, since there are so many other options of finding music. I would like to introduce you all to something; It’s called TECHNOLOGY. There are now Satellite Radio stations that play a DJs every musical indulgence, bringing us back to an ability to hone in on niche tastes like never before. If that weren’t enough, theres this crazy thing called the Internet where you can go on sites like Pandora and Jango and simply type in a band you like and it will play you similar bands. You can even do this on your iPhone! There’s more, if you miss the days of old, you can listen to those Free-Form Radio Stations that you miss so much on the internet! That way when you get old and move away from the city to the suburbs you can still listen to Radio Stations like KCRW and WFMU! As well, everyone has a music nerd friend with a Last.FM, Blip.FM, or a Blog where they post all the cool music one could ever want to hear. One of the oldest ways of finding new artists was for someone to play you a song, this used to require being in the same room. Today, I simply IM a friend a link to a song on Hype Machine, and they can instantly hear if they are into it. Nevermind how easy it is to copy someones WHOLE iPod with software like iPodAccess. The Music Industry is like anything else, ALWAYS EVOLVING, unfortunately
many people get alienated by change instead of embracing it. The ways people discover music have changed, if you refuse to aknowledge this fact your intellectual evolution is as dead as this theory!
  • J War

    I thought it was a great video. Being a young “real artist” that knows how to play REAL instruments(not just fruity loops, reason, etc..). I really don’t know where you think you’re coming from with the whole “embrace the change” stuff. I visit this site because the posts seem to be down to earth with real music. Not this electro pop no talent crap that gets put out where all the electronics make the music, and the “artists” just push play. I agree the way people DISCOVER music has changed. The thing they were touching on in the video was the way people are PLAYING music is changing; in the sense that people aren’t playing music anymore. Electronic equipment is playing music. Yeah, watching the video a second time now, just making sure. I have no idea where you got all this music listener stuff from. This is clearly about artists. I mean if you look down the road, if artists keep letting technology do all the real work for them, eventually, nobody is going to know how to play a guitar, no one is going to know how to sing, no one will be able to play a piano. If you still think that’s cool, go watch a video of OWL CITY live. They press play on protools, stand there and press buttons. It’s awful. I mean if this is the stance you’re going to take, change your URL to . Very displeased with “Grim Reaper” on this post.