Obituary of a Theory: Having 1,166,364,536,436 Myspace Friends Matters

I have sad news: the hundreds of dollars you spent on Friendbots, all the time you have spent adding cute girls to your profile, all the hours you spent making friends instead of writing better songs, it most likely isn’t going to help. Once upon a time, A&R did look to see how many friends you had and you may have even fooled one into being interested in you, but for a long time now, everyone is on to this trick. We all know these aren’t your real fans! Everyone knows what it looks like on a myspace page when you have rabid fans, as opposed to a bunch of people who have never heard your band. You think people are listening to you when you add them? The amount of time it takes to get 10 people in your bands demographic to listen to your band can be had much easier by going out into the outside world, playing shows, going to shows, talking to people about your band, or figuring out what the next effective marketing technique for your band may be. You are going to have to figure out something else since this one is dead.

Photo by flickr user marceatsworld