NY Senator Will NOT End Concert Ticket Scalping! How You Can Help Yourself!


If you read today’s Bilboard Magazine article, you would be under the
impression that Senator Chuck Schumer’s latest legislation would be helping the concert goers, probably since
Ticketmaster is one of the last entities willing to pay for advertising
in the obsoleted Billboard rag. Chuck Schumer, a man who makes conservatives lose their minds on a regular basis, has come to your defense…. Well kinda. He has proposed Federal Legislation that the evil Ticketmaster supports, that a ticket reseller must obtain a federal registration number
from the FTC, and post that number in conjunction with all ticket
re-sales on brokerage website and through other means. What this really translates to is the corporations are closing out the little guys. No one without big money to be endorsed through the FTC will be able to buy large amounts of tickets anymore, enabling disgusting businesses like Ticketmasters own Ticketsnow to buy up the majority of the tickets as a reseller and gouge consumers like they did during a recent Bruce Springsteen concert. While many will be celebrating this legislation after reading Billboard’s spin, look at the fine details and see that this is really a way for another corporate entity to rape your wallet in the future. However, the story isn’t all bad and there may be benfits from this new law.

One of the upsides from this bill will be less of an ability for Ticket Scalpers to scam you outside of a show. There will be greater authentication facilities on tickets to prevent scalpers from selling receipts (like this comedy) and just running away with your money. As well, you, the good consumer, will still be allowed to resell your ticket if you realize you cannot attend an event.

While staggering the resale process to commence 48 hours after
an on-sale is a very important step in reforming the process and
bringing transparency to the on-sale process, it does not mean it will do anything about Ticketmaster selling large amounts of tickets to Ticketsnow and then reselling $100 tickets for 15 times their value(like they did to Springsteen’s NJ fans). This is an unacceptable practice and must be stopped.

What can we do about this legislation to make it benefit the consumer and not Ticketmaster? Write to Mr. Schumer’s office and demand that Ticketmaster volunteer itself to close down Ticketsnow, since it has already engaged in disgusting business practices. Sen. Schumer claims they are still open to the discussion of a code of conduct for ticket resellers. This is the perfect time to tell him what needs to be in this dialogue. As a NY resident I have known Mr. Schumer to be one of the least repulsive polticians in the game and feel he will listen to his constituents voices. The Senator is a very public figure and can easily be found. Get him on tape acknowledging he will be defending CONSUMERS and not Ticketmaster’s interests. Write the FTC and file consumer complaints against Ticketmaster and Ticketsnow, since they have a growing monopoly on this business and are not operating their business with the consumer’s “fair shake” in mind. 

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.