Native Instruments Maschine is Out Now: YouTube Has The Lowdown


Native Instruments Maschine has hit the stores and people are getting them home and starting to make music with them. Maschine looks to me like a very promising piece to obsolete NI’s own Battery and do a whole lot more! While we have all played with Battery and other groove boxes it is hard to get a grasp on what the full potential of this exciting new piece of gear. Let us take to YouTube to see it in action. Click the jump and we will get to work. 

First, we have Native Instruments’ own introduction to what Maschine does: has gotten their hands on it really quickly and done an awesome YouTube showing what they can do, even using it as a MPC replacement for melodic instruments:

Another user has made a video of using this with a Akai MPD 32 and Ableton:
Now we have a demo one of NI’s people did at NAMM:
Here we see the very MPC-like recording function:
That is what we have for now, as more users post videos of what they are doing with Maschine we will get some videos up to show off its true potential. 

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