Myspace Death Lesson – Make Sure You Get More Than Email On Your Mailing List

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Poor Myspace, wilting away before our eyes. Poor you, since you used to have a place with friends where they were reading what you were doing every single day, all day long while your band annoyed us with bulletins and status updates. I have news for you, this is probably going to happen to Twitter or Facebook as well. Don’t believe me? Remember when you were friends with Friendster and you couldn’t believe when Myspace turned it into the first Internet ghost town? Itcan happen again. Follow me to the jump and I will teach you how to ensure that all that work you did messaging people to be friends with your band won’t go to waste a second time.

There is three things you should definitely capture from all of your fans when they sign up for your mailing list whether it is at a show or on your website.


We have told you about how TopSpin is one of the most successful new music industry companies around today. They see the future and some of it involves email. They are doing huge email campaigns to and using smart techniques to make these work to increase bands sales and fanbases. Having your fans email addresses will make it so you can add them all whenever any hip flavor of the week social network pops up and to alert them whenever anything exciting happen in your bands existence.

Phone Number
Remember when your boyfriend Barack Obama texted like 53% of America all at once to tell everyone he was going to be going steady with his new hair plug wearing main squeeze Joe The Biden? Well if you don’t he text millions of people at one time and we all felt really special about it. Right now you wonder what in the hell that has to do do with your life. This technology is about to boom in a HUGE way. It is about to be very cheap to get software that will text all of your fans when you do something eventful and even software that will soon allow you to choose certain area codes to send texts to. If you start getting your fans phone numbers you will be prepared for the new age and you can be just like your BFF Barack.

Twitter Address
Despite how many annoying losers are on Twitter, the Twitter institution itself is pretty cool. They have a very open API that allows many developers to do very interesting things. One of these things people are predicting is the ability to import all your Twitter followers into things like Facebook friends. This will be very helpful and can also get you more Twitter followers paying attention to what you are doing.

Bonus – Mailing Address
If you are some super geek and are capturing everyone into an Excel document at your shows it can be an amazing resource to be able to plug all of your fans addresses into the database. This will allow you to target your fans when you are playing in their town as well as lot of other cool marketing ideas.

Extra Bonus
Fanbridge has a widget that can capture some of this for you here! Reverb Nation has a widget that will get a lot of it as well!

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.