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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for tunecore_vert_logo_20070129_145953.jpgTuneCore has announced a partnership with ASCAP where the publishing company's members will receive discounts and access to TuneCore's tools for artists. This partnership looks to be a step ASCAP is taking to show their members how to maximize their profits and get with the times of self releasing your music. Sign up here.

Recording And Synth Nerd Links 9/8/10

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Amie Street Is No More

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If you were one of the rare few who enjoyed Amie Street's dynamic pricing store we have sad news today. Amazon has decided to shut the store down and presently their site says they are down temporarily. The site will cease to exist two weeks from now. Read more at Hypebot.

To Link To Your Press Or Not To?

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Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend. He had a grievance with a practice that many of Musformation management's artist do which is to link their good press, interviews and articles in their Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr feeds. The argument was those who follow you  are already your fans and do not need to hear how amazing you are all the time. A great and reasonable point, I disagreed 100% on his point about interviews are clutter and feel that fans are interested in reading them, however he did have a great point about reviews.

It can be tacky and frivolous to always post your good reviews especially if they are really pouring in (MusforMGMT's artists are lucky to have that rain pouring hard). Your fans will see it as clutter probably not be interested and eventually get annoyed. While this is true, one of the other perspectives I have is that many online outlets create content hoping the bands will link their material and can turn on a band and give up on them if they do not link it.

My philosophy has always been that you should overshare on one of your social networks (I prefer Tumblr) and keep it all business on the rest. Every once in a while drop a hint to your fans if they want more from you they can get it from you there. An easy solution to your oversharing problem.    

Getting TV And Film Placements

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We all long for placements, after all they are free advertising that you get paid for. So awesome! The kick ass blog Passive Promotion has up a great article on how you can more effectively get these placements with some sound advice. Check it here.

How To Get Your DIY Release Carried On Amazon

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Amazon artist central.pngAnother great way to get rid of your CDs is by having them carried on Since their store recommends other CDs a user may like this can be a great way to get your music discovered by potential fans. Registering with Amazon Advantage is easy and they will take on 2 of your CDs at first before moving on to larger quantities if your record begins to sell.
Google Blog Search.png
If you focus a lot of time on promoting your music on blogs you are probably thinking that I am a bit slow since Google has long had a Blog Search function. I assure you I am still quick and with it and in fact Google has started a new "Blog Search By Topic" that you can access from the left hand search menu. This search brings a different result than your usual Google Blog Search and can be a great tool in finding sites that will review your music by searching out similar artists. Read more at ReadWriteWeb.

Licensing Advice From Modiba

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The great blog, We All Make Music ,has up some sound advice from Eric Herman, the president and co-founder of Modiba. This post gives great insight from someone who does a lot of work in this field daily. We look forward to seeing the next part in this series.

15 Merch Table Tips

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On tour you can be desperate to poison your body with cheap fast food that will make you fat and feel terrible. On the upside if you are a touring band you can now submit your band to not have to pay to poison your body with the disgusting crap Taco Bell calls food with their Feed The Beat program. Taco Bell is looking to feed touring bands after hours for free and if they deem your band worthy you can put this garbage in your body for free! Submit your band here for the opportunity to put their "food" in your body for free.

Some Internet Facts Everyone Should Know

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Flowtown consistently blogs some of the best infographics around as well as being a very valuable tool to get to know your fans better. Double click the above graphic and take a look at some interesting facts to help you market better.

Root Music Announces YouTube Tracks

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rootmusic.pngRoot Music's nicely laid out Facebook pages recently trimmed down and adjusted automatically to the new slimmer Facebook giudelines. That wasn't their only big change they have also announced YouTube Tracks. this allows musicians to upload songs and video tracks from YouTube to the same player as their SoundCloud music and collect performance royalties from their song plays.

Yesterday when Apple announced their new iTunes powered social network, Ping, the music pundits started crying hyperbole of MySpace killer etc. While this new site does have tons of potential to be a great tool to encourage record sales and concert ticket sales, right now it in unfortunately not much more than a way to promote the top artists on iTunes and make the rich richer. With no clear way for DIY artists to sign up, under 20 Featured artists plucked from the major labels usual suspects and a partnership for concert tickets with the disgusting corporate entity Live Nation, right now Ping strictly offers a way for your friends to hear how much you love U2 or Lady GaGa. Don't get too excited Apple still needs to open the doors if they want this to be more than Friendster.

If you know anything about rock, you know that NME is one of the biggest tastemakers and a magazine that has discovered tons of bands that are now legends. They have now developed their own social network where fans and musicians sign up and you get the chance to be discovered by NME's writers. NME Breakthrough is that social network and you can go there and hope that fans and writers will discover your unknown gems.
KCRW is one of the last free form radio stations in America and one of the most influential radio stations around. The LA Times recently interviewed their librarian on how you may possibly get your music on to these airwaves which can then get you through many other doors. The interview sheds some light on some the great secrets in making your radio promotions work.

Are you one of the 20 million people who have heard "The Bed Intruder Song"? If not click on the above video and provided you are not an uptight nerd you are about to hear one of the funniest memes of the year. What is even funnier is this YouTube phenomenon has now charted on the Billboard Hot 100, but the ideas and tactics they used there are quite serious and smart. Follow me to the jump and we will dissect what got them there.
jangoairplay.pngWe always hold Jango high up as a promotion every artist should be taking part in. Following Grooveshark's lead Jango will now give you play credits if you get other artists to sign up for their service. Pretty cool. To learn how to do this check out their blog

A bunch of music blogs have teamed with MOG and Scion to offer a huge battle of the bands thing where they are looking for some of the best unsigned bands in the country. If you think you are the best unsigned band around you should watch the above video and then email Rock It Out blog. 
wilderness-downtown.jpgThose progressive Canadians in The Arcade Fire seem to be at the forefront of music marketing these days, and it looks like they have done it again with this amazing interactive film made by Chris Milk. Using the capabilities of HTML5, Milk has created an incredible movie that is accompanied by the Arcade Fire's new song "Used To Wait". Without giving too much away, we'll say that Milk's video makes the band's somewhat predictable song seem all the more resonant by carefully playing on the band's usual themes of childhood and family. Note that the film is best viewed in Google's Chrome browser and has "issues" in Firefox (we know, we tried).  The film is called The Wilderness Down and can be found here. Truly a wonderful piece of work and a very exciting peek into what the future might hold with HTML5. 

Scarily enough this even happens to the smallest of groups from time to time. Some freak of nature will take your music and claim it as their own on some random MySpace. As well these days you can profit share in YouTube streams and it is important that your songs are on your channel if you want to get paid for them. Artist House Music has a fantastic blog on how to handle this situation that is a great read.
denniscrowd.jpgEveryone is chattering about new ways to get your fans motivated to help you to pay for your musical endeavors. Since everyone is discussing it CD Baby's always awesome DIY Musicians Podcast took up the subject for the past two episodes. You should download both of these episodes and learn how this concept can fund your music. 

Hit The Lights have signed with Universal Republic in a partnership with Vagrant Records
Run For Cover Records have signed Basement
As the song of an advertising creative director I have been instilled a genetic habit of reading and clicking every ad possible. Today when I was presented with an ad in my Gmail I was shown a new service that was one of those things that make you go hmmm? MagCloud is an on demand printing place that will your group it's own magazine, which they say will promote your shows? Maybe I am missing something but I don't get that part of it, but what I do get is that fans love added content and if you can offer them high quality writing and content they will take it in and value what you do more. Check out what they do and lets all make sense of it.
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It is no secret that online radio is one of the best ways to promote your music. With services like Pandora, Last.FM, Jango, Blip.FM and other services not only can you get your music before the ears of listeners who like the type of music you make, but you can also get paid for your plays as you begin to dominate the online radio airwaves.

It all comes down to this. As you come down to entering the studio and then recording your songs you are now tasked with one of the most difficult balancing acts ever known to man (ok... well maybe to musicians). We have written countless articles on how to avoid many of the pitfalls many musicians fall into when they go to capture their material. Read on and make something great for us all to hear.

With everyday, as the gatekeepers die and the major labels lose power it becomes more and more about just having a great song. This being the case you better start brushing up on your skills! We have assembled a lot of advice and tools for you to use to write better songs on the other side of this link.

When trying to break your music out of your circle of friends and out to the whole world, you are inevitably going to have to take on the hat of doing some publicity for your own music. As you begin to take on this large task there is numerous bits of advice that you may have overlooked on how to do this effectively. We have assembled numerous articles on how to take over the world of music and get it out there.

Now that you actually have songs recorded you need to get them out to the world to be heard. With every day that passes more and more amazing tools become available for artists to do this without the help of a label. We keep an up to date guide of everything you could ever want to know about what you should do in order to make the right choice on how to get your music out to the world.

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, YouTube all become more and more important everyday (well maybe not Myspace, but contrary to much chatter it is still important to know the most up to date ways to make Myspace feed your other pages). We keep musicians up to date with the most current ways to use all of these social networks to promote your music. If you are not reading our guides to social networks you are missing out on the crucial knowledge of how to promote your music with the most up to date techniques.

What separates the winners and losers is how well you handle playing live and then getting your show on the road. Playing live and touring may seem easy but there are countless pitfalls that one can encounted over time. We show you all the new tricks of the trade as well as wise advice that has been passed down over the years.

Managing a group of people and keeping everyone on the same page and motivated is one of the biggest make or break factors of any sucessful group. There are many emerging tools that can make this easier and we sort through them, all the while dispensing valuable advice on how to deal with your members with minimal chaos.

Getting covered by blogs is fast becoming one of the things that everyone wants to figure out. Sadly, there is not a lot of information out there on how to do just this. We have quite a few articles with the techniques we use to get the bands we work with on to some of the top blogs out there.