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Forrester Research has brought us another report to give details about how to survive in the new music industry, that this time delves into what you should be giving your fans in the experience department. Just a short time ago, they published their report on Music Release Windows. Right now the report is behind a paywall but you can check out a graphic that speaks volumes and read some details here.
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The Orchard is a great service to many indie labels enabling them to do much greater things with the ease of a reliable distribution service. Sadly, it looks as if there is some problems over in their offices as some oranges dropped yesterday when CEO Greg School leaving and a 20% staff cut. Hopefully, this does not mean any of their service will be changing. More details here.
fake.jpgDrum triggers have become a part of most productions whether you like it or not. In this series we will give you some advice on what you can do to make your drum triggers more in realistic.

One of the things many producers seem to forget is that you don't have to rely on plug-ins for the trigger. Often times when a drummer does a press roll a trigger is never going to sound right, but neither is the lack of a trigger when a song has had a trigger the whole time. One of the easy was around this is to record an isolated version of this fill with no cymbals and add it to the trigger track. I often will have drummers play along with their press roll on a separate track and have them omit all cymbals. I then edit this track to align with the original performance and add it to sample track. Easy enough!
Yesterday, we started to discuss how to stay in the news cycle when you put out your next release. Today, we will give you some examples of how this is done and show it in practice. Follow me to the jump and I will show you a few ways you can make sure your album gets attention for a longer period of time.

How To Not Get Sick In The Tour Van

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One of the plagues of touring is that if one member gets sick, often times the whole band is going to get sick. While this is the usual scenario it doesn't have to be true, even without laying down the cold hard cash for a bubble to quarantine the sick heathen in the van. The blog Frugal For Life has some great tips on how to stay healthy on the cheap. I would also say that having a few respirator masks handy isn't the worst thing when you are in close quarters like a van.

Pro Tools Tip Of The Day: Xpand Synth Tricks

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Reverb Store Walkthrough from Ferol Vernon on Vimeo.

As we told you last week ReverbNation and AudioLife have teamed up to bring you a new merch store. Above is a nice video walking you through the details. Enjoy!

web page.png
Getting your web page to work well design wise so that potential fans go to the right place is a crucial to growing your fanbase. Smashing Magazine has a great article with some not-so-obvious information on 10 things you can do to make your web design more effective. A great read to make sure that when potential fans go to check out your band they get the information they are looking for.

One of the things we discuss a lot is the idea of what happens when a potential fan goes to listen to you and the experience you need to give them to turn them into a fan. TopSpin has posted an amazing case study of how the band Fanfarlo turned their goal into a reality. The band made a thorough plan and executed it with a intelligent marketing plan. What were the results of the plan?

Fanfarlo acquired 15,000 new fan relationships, 13,000 of which were paying.
  • 56% (7,280) of those paying fans were from the US - representing nearly 800% growth in the US.
  • 22% of all folks that saw the offer purchased. 22%! More than double what we normally see from a *stellar-performing* offer that is focused on revenue rather than growth.
  • 30% of all CD/Vinyl/Special-Edition purchasers were repeat buyers - they also bought the $1 album download during the promo period.
Check out a great read on the TopSpin blog.

Derek Sivers Advice On Planning Too Far Ahead

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1pct.gifBands love to plan things.  I know, I used to do it all the time.  You count how many people are going to be at your shows.  How many Myspace/Facebook/Whatever friends you're going to have. How many records you're going to sell.  How much merch is going to fly off of the merch table at shows.  It's an easy thing to do when you're running a business (that is of course what your band is).  Derek Sivers has a great short article on why your plans often go up in smoke.  Certainly worth the quick read as a reminder of how NOT to think about your band.  
Artist House Music has up a great article that uncovers the many twists and turns of a new kind of insurance. Artists are now taking out copyright infringement insurance on their music in case they are victim to the many accusations flying these days (<cough> Coldplay <cough>). A great article on a subject that I haven't seen discussed often.
SpinMag.jpgOver the weekend Derek Sivers posted a great article about the bright ideas some people get when planning their ad campaigns. In this article someone planned to buy an ad in a magazine with a circulation of a million in hopes that if he bought this ad that he could get at least 1% of the readers to buy his record amounting to 10K in sales. Obvious to most people, it didn't work out as well as he planned. While Sivers article speaks volumes about the foolishness of some peoples advertising campaigns and many other big ideas, I would like to focus on a mistake I see every time I pick up print magazines. 
To the left is a bell curve which represents the average news cycle for a record. This being the amount of time that people are going to hear about your record and care about it before it becomes a back catalog release. One of the keys to a successful record is making the top of this curve sustain for as long as possible. Follow me to the jump and we will discuss some planning you can do to make sure your next release keeps in the news cycle for as long as possible.

Jagermeister Steps Into The Record Label Game

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As we have covered in the past, many brands are now finding it to be good marketing practice to shack up with bands and become "record labels" for them. In another store of this kind, Jagermeister has signed the band Skindred to a deal where they will finance the bands music. We are sure this will not be the last we will see of these brand/band team ups.

TapeOp Is Giving Out Free AES Passes

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AES is coming to NYC from Oct. 9-12th and we are going to be there covering all the new awesome audio announcements. If your ideal weekend is spent with a bunch of audio nerds sitting in a convention center talk mic specs, you have already been Xing off your calendar for over a year. The downside is admission isn't cheap, thankfully TapeOp is giving away free passes to their loyal fanbase. Head here and grab yours.

SellABand Drop 50K Minimum And Changes The Game

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sellaband.pngSellABand has made a name for themselves as crowdsourcing site that enables artists to raise funds to make a record that the fans would have a piece of. They originally operated on the idea that once you reached 50K of funding you would be promoted to the ranks of a funded band and get the royal treatment from the site. Now they have opened up their service to enable a few other options. You can now choose from two plans, Standard and Custom. With the 'Standard' program Artists have the freedom to choose:

  • Target budget: Starting at $10,000 up to $100,000
  • Incentives for the Believers: The minimum incentive is a download
  • Percentage of revenues shared between the Artist and the Believers
If Artists go 'Custom', they can adapt it all: Budgets, part prices, incentives, currencies, even use the funds for touring or promotion.

This is good news for artists looking into getting into crowdfunding. For more info go here.

Crazed Hits has a interview with Producer and WMG Chief Creative Officer, Rob Cavallo. The interview is a great 30 minute watch from someone who has done tons of fantastic interviews over the years. Go check it out.

Warner Music Videos Back On YouTube

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