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The Golden Rules Of Blog Promotion

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rules.jpgWith all the talk we do about blog promotions, it would help to have some general ground rules for submissions.  The folks over at Big Method have compiled a great list of things you should consider when you are getting ready to hit the blogs with your stuff.  Even better, they have some quotes from big bloggers who deal with bands every day and we get a little peak into how they feel.  There are only three simple rules (Be Respectful, No Mass Emails and Do Some Homework) but this advice will take you very far, if you follow it.  Pay attention and you'll be MILES ahead of the competition.  
profile_img1_amerapparel.jpgAmerican Apparel Clothing Company had the right idea when they teamed up with French Pop sensation Sebastian Tellier to release his American album a few years ago. I'm not going to lie, any chance to peruse the American Apparel photo catalogue for research was an added bonus on this project, but seriously, overall, this story is beneficial.  As bands continue to fight the grind hoping for 2 inches of shelf space at Best Buy, adopting the Tellier model may prove more beneficial.  Be smart, be productive, and follow the 3 ways to partner with a non-traditional retailer.
Previously we told you about TweetForATrack a site that will allow you to trade a download for a tweet to spread the word about your music across the Interweb. One of the cool features we discovered once we got to using it was that it also collects the email addresses of everyone who gets this download. It will let you export everyone who enters their email address into a .csv file which you can use to build up your mailing list. This kills two birds with one stone and helps to build your fan list and a lasting relationship with people who have your music. Too cool!

Bandcamp Now Allows Physical Merch Sales!!!

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Have I mentioned I am in love with Bandcamp??? I know very well that I have! As if this site couldn't be more awesome they are allowing you to sell physical merch in your store and they do the tax calculation for you! So whether you want to sell shirts, CDs, vinyl or custom hand sewn quilts you can now do it through their kick ass service! Watch the above video and learn more and read their blog post here.

#Follow Friday @newspotifyalbum

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At Musformation we have decided to follow Twitters lead and suggest you a Twitter feed we find to be totally awesome every week. We figure it is time to show people by example who is using Twitter right and good the awesome resources it holds.

Newspotifyalbum is another great example of the riches Twitter can hold. A feed that brings interesting news on new music and some of the hidden wonders that Spotify brings to our lives. If you are interested in and/or using Spotify this is a great feed to follow!
Cory Doctrow from Boing Boing has published a great article that details the above chart show that labels are making less money while artists continue to increase their revenue! A great article you should take a look at!
Let's say it, Bandcamp is one of the greatest things to happen to artists looking to go it on their own. Their store is nearly flawless and really is one of the few things in this industry really helping artists to be able to make a living without a label and deliver high quality content to fans. The one flaw that gets to me is that their widget does not deliver in the way I would like it to. If you are a record label and assembling a bunch of your artists for a sampler or would like a bunch of different songs from your various releases the Bandcamp widget can hold you back a bit. In steps Fairtilizer, who will allow you to make playlists that span between different artists and albums so that you can pick and choose easily which songs you are sharing on your websites or social networks. What makes this work so well with Bandcamp is that you can make the Buy button in the Fairtilizer widget point to your Bandcamp store! The Fairtilizer widget pastes easily into all of your social networks, websites, email, etc. These two have been a winning combination for some artists that we work with and I highly recommend it!
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TechCrunch, put up an article yesterday that just scared the crap out of everyone still living in 2006. Myspace may soon charging for streaming music. This could mean the end of music discovery as we know it and be detrimental to smaller acts. Since Myspace is still the top Google result for many acts, this could make it harder for people to discover new artists. So what do you do to get around it?

  1. Put another page where people can hear your music in your name. For example, if you have a web page with a streaming player put that right in your name.
  2. Get links for your other sites all over your site.
  3. Assuming Myspace doesn't ban them, Reverb Nation, Fairtilizer and Nimbit all have players that you can embed in your Myspace page that will stream your music and offer ways to buy it!
Have you put Spinal Tap to shame in the member change department? Usually, if this is the case it comes down to one or two little things either there is a member with a major attitude problem or you constantly lose momentum and people get bored.

If you are in one of those situations where you constantly are in fear of losing another member or suffer from this plague a bright idea is to start to concentrate on your momentum. I watch bands walk into situations where there is going to be month long gaps where they do nothing but sit on their hands, making no effort to grow their fanbase. This is when people leave bands. If you want this to stop happening start staring at that calendar and make sure things are happening and when a time of slowing down is about to happen, make sure to remedy with something that keeps the ball rolling.

We save you the trouble of going to a million websites and just tell you what garbage is worth skimming over.

twitter lists.png
Are you looking to find bands that are similar to you that have super fans? Connect with music industry people on Twitter? If so, Twitter lists are the answer for you. While I was sweating out some H1N1 this week, I decided to look around Twitter a bit and see what's new and much of what I saw was many artists making lists of who they work with and some of their super fans. If these artists are similar to you, messaging and following these super fans can be a great asset since you know these fans will avidly spread the word about you. If you haven't been checking out some artists that are similar to you in the last two weeks, do so now since they may have made a Twitter list that could help you a lot.
The outdated fools over at The Journal of Dead Music Industry Ideas Billboard have decided to get a little more realistic with their charts and now put catalog releases in their charts to give them a more realistic view. While it should be applauded that they are finally going to give a realistic view of album sales just as Hits has done for years, it is going to mean that it is going to be much harder for indie artists to crack into this since the charts will be dominated with major label back catalog releases that your parents are buying. As much as we can't blame them for trying to get more real, it is another set back in indie artists getting recognized for their achievements and growth.

Everyones favorite ladyboy Lady GaGa has put out the first high quality karaoke iPhone App. In a very smart marketing move this will not be the last we see of these since a company called iOKi is developing many more. On an indie level this could be a smart move for any act that would want their fans to get into this type of experience. Get working!

SoundCloud's Awesome New iPhone App

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If you read this site very often you probably already know how much we love SoundCloud. But now they have gotten even smarter by releasing an iPhone app that retains plenty of the great features that make SoundCloud unique. At only 99 cents, it's surely worth your investment. In a related note, SoundCloud has come up with a new pricing structure for some paid premium features that also seem worth a look

We previously told you that Tom Delonge is planning on releasing the next Angels & Airwaves record for free. It looks like he is still tooting that horn in what can be big industry news since this could be one of the first big major label bands to do so. Watch the above video for some insight and stay tuned.

In the past, we have told you about trading a song of your new record or an exclusive mailing list track in order to build up your email list for your new record. One other way you can use this technique and show off your awesome live set at the same time is to give away a live record. This kills two birds with one stone in that you can get people to check out your live show and grab their email address to make all of your future promotions go a little easier. This is all easily accomplished with on of Reverb Nation's cool widgets.

Previously, we pointed you to an article by TopSpin Media's Ian Rogers on the tools he uses to manage Get Busy Committee. This time he has posted the strategy behind his release and I will go on record of saying that I think this may be the best article on the new music industry written this year. The amount of amazing information that is so dead on is stunning and if you choose to not drop what you are doing and go read it you are a fool. I stand by that. 
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Getting covered by blogs is fast becoming one of the things that everyone wants to figure out. Sadly, there is not a lot of information out there on how to do just this. We have quite a few articles with the techniques we use to get the bands we work with on to some of the top blogs out there.