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Myspace Music Adds New Charts

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Myspace's blog announced that they will be upping their game for charts. For those of you who love to get competitive and see where you stand against the rest, this is great news. Here is what you are getting:

-Artist, Song, Album, and Video Charts across all music genres.
-Unique charts for all territories.
-The ability for users to friend and connect with artists they discover in the charts
-A new "Movers" section that highlights fastest rising artists and content across the network.
-Artist contributed content which enables MySpace Music to feature the best content from all artists, both small and large.
-The ability for users to engage directly with the Chart content. Songs, albums, videos are available for free to stream for users in all territories.
-An updated look and feel with clean navigation.
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools you can use for your music. However, if you aren't a web nerd it can be tough to install and navigate. Thankfully, Tim over at the Assault T-Shirts blog has posted a detailed and easy to read guide on how to get this feature going on your Word Press blog. After it is installed he will also show you the ropes on how they can be useful to you. Get over there!

Myspace Gets A Great Deal On Imeem

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It appears that Myspace has gotten Imeem for a sweat deal. According to Paidcontent the deal was mostly to save jobs seeing as the company had raised $75 million over the years and will get nowhere near that in the buyout. More here.

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

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As if you needed a video to explain to you the power of social networks. But seeing the figures can make it really hit home sometimes. The numbers are so convincing that you might not even bother finishing the video and just hop over to your Twitter account and get down to business. Video via Music Think Tank

Deadmau5's Awesome Updated iPhone App

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We couldn't resist posting Deadmau5's awesome updated iPhone app. With 20 tracks including ones from his new album and brand new effects and tilt control it looks like an awesome toy and an amazing promotion tool, with integrated Twitter feeds. At the App Store now for $2.99. Via Synthtopia

Email Tip: Don't Abuse The Privilege

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stop_abuse.jpgBy now we all know the importance of capturing email addresses of fans, maintaining your email list and using it for promotion, but one thing to remember is don't abuse the privilege.  Especially with a new fan, the first email you send them is going to be a bit of a shock (they probably forgot they even gave you their email).  Sending out 5 emails a weeks to talk about the same crappy show at the Trash Bar is going to get you zapped by the delete button faster than you can say "no one shows up to our shows anymore".  Keep your emails limited and make them something relevant to fans.  Be respectful and be brief.  While their may be some real superfans out there, most people don't want to hear you clamoring on and on about yourself.  There is no magical number as far as how many emails a month to send out, but a good general rule is the fewer the better.  Try waiting until you have a few interesting things to talk about instead of dropping emails every time your singer is mentioned in Tigerbeat.  Remember that some people are very private and protective of their accounts, so don't violate a potential fan/music buyer by getting trigger happy with the send button. 
thank-you.gifIf you've been paying attention lately we've been talking quite a bit about submitting your music to blogs.  If you're fortunate enough to have people write about your band in a positive manner, you should certainly make an effort to reach out and thank them.  You'll probably be quite surprised at how happy some bloggers will be to hear from you.  One of the reasons that people blog is to make connections to the music they love - most bloggers love to hear from the artists that they write about.  Show them enough respect to write them a personal email, but pay attention to their blog and what they write about so that you can send an informed letter.  In addition, making these kinds of personal connections with bloggers will give you a good contact list for the next time you have something to tell the blogs - you'll have an eager audience who will likely write about your next announcement.  Keep a Google document of first names and email addresses so that upon your next release you'll be prepared.  If they really seem to like your band, it also doesn't out of line to offer them some merch like stickers or a free shirt.  Remember: don't bribe them, just thank them for their kindness.  Having an influential blogger in your corner can be very powerful and never underestimate how some folks might be able to help your band.      

Twitter Tips For Your Music Business

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twitter_birds_web.pngStudio Noize has a nice set of Twitter tips for music business (be it band, label, studio, etc.) on their site right now.  Sure some of these are seemingly no-brainers, but others are easier to forget.  For example: you can't just have 10K Twitter followers and not interact with your fans and then expect them to come through with some serious favors later down the line.  As we say with every social network: it's not how many fans/followers/etc you have, but it's how much they are committed/involved in what you are doing and what they are willing to do to contribute.  Use these short and sweet tips from the link above and you'll be much more effective navigating the twittersphere. 
Letter-to-Dear-Sir.jpgWe've told you some ideas for using sites like Hype Machine for finding blogs to send your music to, but what exactly do you say to them?  As you might have read in the Golden Rules For Blog Promotion, you want to avoid sending mass spam emails.  So instead of just blasting out your press releases, attachments and links, you might want to start out with a personal introduction letter.  After that, having links to your stuff or referencing what you've been up to is fine, just make sure you lead with something personal first.  Follow us after the jump and we'll go over some ideas of what you might want to say and how best to say it.  
bandcamp email export.png
One of the worst things about iTunes is that when people buy your music there, you have no way of staying in touch. Not the case with the amazing service at Bandcamp. One of the tools that everyone should take advantage of is that everyone who buys your music at Bandcamp leaves behind their email address. Simply head over to the tools section on your Bandcamp site and click export and you will have a CSV waiting for you with tons of email addresses of people who are willing to pay for your music.
Over on NPR's website (you know the place where the liberal elite go and discuss things), they have a discussion with some of the biggest names in indie labels on the role of the record label in 2009. An interesting discussion with opinions from Matador, Merge and Saddle Creek's higher ups! Check it!

Jay-Z may not have bitch problems but the latest news that he has canceled the rest of his tour because of "scheduling conflicts" leads everyone who has looked at concert attendance stats lately to assume that he is another artist who is having trouble filling venues and needed to bail out of a tour before it was too financially destructive.

Whether it is Dashboard Confessional/New Found Glory's recently canceled tour for "personal reasons" the inside word is that booking agents are advising many of their artists to stay home while the economy recovers since ticket sales are miserable. If you have been to any of the recent high ticket price shows you may have noticed just what the rest of us have seen - half full venues. While it seems some of the low priced tickets are still working out for artists, be warned that if you are thinking about touring with above average ticket prices you may be paying the price until the economy recovers for the average American.
One of the small hints you can put on your website that can make the difference in getting the word spread is the cool little buttons that allow your fans to tell people about you with one simple click. If you cruise blogs and websites you probably see these buttons everywhere and they can be the difference between a fan being reminded to tell all of their friends or just look at your website and keep their admiration to themselves. If you want to get the Twitter share button and the Facebook share button simply click on those two links.
One of the pains of Google Docs is the lack of ability to embed YouTube videos (this fact is even more mind numbing considering Google owns YouTube). You can cure this ill by using Google Sites if you want to make a website for all or a few to see that contains YouTube videos and a variety of other media. Since I am a HTMLuddite I often use Google Sites to make "Sell Sheets" where I collect all of the media and links that help show music business people why a band is worth taking on. These sites make it so that I can do this fast without knowing just about any HTML. I can share private links with people where they can see YouTubes, promo pics and read bios on a band and it takes me less than an hour to whip one of these up. What makes this all worth talking about today is that Google has now added numerous Templates to Google Sites so that you can now make these sites even better looking. For more info read up here.

Does Fan-Engagement Do More Harm Than Good?

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Today, the always excellent Creative Deconstruction has up a article on fan engagement that isn't your typical point of view. A well researched article discusses some of the downsides of fan interaction. Go give it a read to learn something you probably did not think of.
pirate bay.jpg
It is a sad day for file sharers along the open P2P seas. After 6 years of serving up torrents The Pirate Bay has pulled the plug and will no longer be tracking torrents, according to all knowing torrent news source Torrent Freak. While many of these torrent sites seem to have more lives than a feline, this appears to be the end for the site that took on much of the criticism of torrent sharing and will no longer be with us. Celebrate or cry in your beer this evening, no matter what this is the end of an era!

Myspace To Acquire iMeem... But Why?

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In the latest in some serious WTF news, failing social network Myspace has decided to spend money (something they apparently aren't making like they used to) and buy another streaming music site (they recently bought iLike). But, why iMeem? The word on the street is this site will be out of business shortly and should have been long ago, not to mention it is riddled with debt? We are sure TechCrunch, who broke the story, will have answers soon enough... Stay tuned.

The Daily Swarm Interviews Steve Albini

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Humor Mondays: Music Today

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(via Joe of River City Extension)
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