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Everyone is always looking for more licensing and opportunities so it makes sense that ReverbNation who is always looking to help their artists would now start working to give some help in that department. Teaming up with APM Music ReverbNation will now allow their users to easily get into APM's system and create licensing opportunities. Read more here.

Why You Have To Master Your Music

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Mastering is one of those things that it can be easy to skip out on. If you have never had really great mastering done, it can be hard to hear the difference between your mastered and unmastered record. Unfortunately, many of the people you want to impress with your music do know the difference between a well mastered record and an unmastered or poorly mastered record.

As we have discussed previously, one of the worst things you can do is leave something to the listener's imagination. Music listeners are used to a finished product that sounds and feels great without apologies. Mastering is one of those thing that while many listeners can't place what is wrong with a track, they can tell something just isn't right.

A good master will make your record work better than it did before. Whether you make lo-fi art rock or polished pop, the mastering will make what you do a little better. You do not want to miss out on opportunities you may have had if you would just spring for some decent mastering.
If you are a small group on a DIY budget you may have little money try to keep your record from leaking but may not have the money to get tons of copies watermarked, so that you can determine who leaks your record. Not to worry there is a simple way anyone with a DAW can watermark their record. Simply take the last song on your record into any DAW and consolidate it while adding an extra second to it and add another second for each copy you make (see picture above). If your original song is 2:40 you will make the first watermarked copy 2:41 and the next 2:42. If you are making 20 review copies this will result in your last track having 20 seconds of extra space at the end of your record, but truth be told, most reviewers will not notice it. Once this is done make a document and notate how many extra seconds are on each version of the record and who you are sending them to.

If your record is to leak simply pull that song into your DAW and figure out which copy leaked by looking at the document you made and who it was sent to. You now have the culprit of your leak!
Streaming radio services can be hard to measure the popularity of, with mobile, hours spent listening and their broadcast in public places being huge factors for their reach. One way is to look at a poll of what users are using and one of our favorite sites MakeUseOf did just that. Go check out the results of their poll and adapt your online radio strategy to place a bigger emphasis on the popular services.

SplitGigs is a social network that allows you to find groups similar to you who would be worth splitting a gig with. This can be a powerful tool so that you are no longer playing shows with groups who have nothing in common with you. Sign up with their site and start making your gigs more worthwhile.
Having a merch person who is friendly and really sells what you got can help keep your wallet thick and your group out on the road. The difference between a lazy merch person and a proactive one can reap merch sold, which leads to free advertising and new fans as other people hear your group. If the merch person is proactive getting people to sign to your mailing list it can be the difference between increased show turnouts and diminishing returns. Giving the person selling your merch a percentage of what is sold can keep them being proactive and get them to make sure they do a good job every night of the tour. Give an incentive to perform better and you will see a better job done for a repetitive and boring job.

ReverbNation Is Changing The Tab Name Of MyBand

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The MyBand App from ReverbNation is one of the best ways to put a great looking experience on your groups Facebook page. While it is not the biggest change in the world the tab where your MyBand profiles is located in Facebook will be changed to say "Band Profile". Read more here.
  • My Ticket Home signs to Rise Records
  • Shy Child signs to Gigantic
  • Sonos signs To Verve Records

Official.FM In Action

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If your song starts to take off you can finally start to have your dreams come true. However if your song starts to take off and you don't have the right infrastructure in place. In a recent blog post Jay Frank discusses what you should have in place to make sure you don't miss the opportunities that your music is presented when releasing a new song.
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Metric are always up to something cool and this time they have teamed up with Indaba Music to offer their fans prizes in exchange for doing remixes of their songs. Earlier in the week we saw Phoenix release the stems to their latest record and now Metric has released much of their latest to be spread and turned into a new creation to give a record that has been out for over a year some new life. Check out the contest here. 
Motel 6 has a promotion going right now where if you submit your song and get fans to vote you to the top you can win free lodging. A great chance to cut down on tour expenses. Find out more here.

Check Out Nimbit's WordPress Integration

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What Is In The New Updated MySpace Profiles?

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The Relevance Of Apps Today

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ft-apps-9213-520x1809.pngAnother fantastic visual from the awesome service Flowtown.

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Prey

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Let's face it laptops have become musical instruments and their theft is a common occourance. Lifehacker has a great article on how you can use a free App called Prey to track it down if you are unfortunate enough to have someone walj with your musical creation tool.
Many bands often post where they are going to be playing each night of tour. While this is smart, it is smart to also give a 2 day notice to your fans since it will give them time to plan to go to the show. The smart fellas in You, Me And Everyone We Know do this nearly daily and it would be wise for you to do on tour as well.

Awesome Video: Where Good Ideas Come From

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Better Than The Van To Relaunch

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Every touring band needs somewhere to stay and Better Than The Van is a great resource to figure that problem out. They are about to relaunch their service and we cannot wait to see what they do!

10 Internet Resources For Booking Gigs

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Indie Music Tech has a fantastic list of the many online resources that can help you get better gigs. Getting to know these resources can make the job of booking gigs far easier. Get to know what is available.
In a move that will surely make the group one of the most remixed groups of all time, Phoenix have released the full multitrack files for their now Gold record Wolfgang Amadeus. A move that will surely endear the group to many music nerds and keep their record having countless vocal snippets blasted out during DJ gigs for the coming years, the group has made a very smart decision that we can only imagine the possibilities of. Get the parts here.

Montreal pop artist Jessica Loren talks about the upcoming book, "How To Market and Promote Music in Sweden." Check out the release Oct. 1st 2010 

Read more here.

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