Music Industry Red Flags: Your Band Must Have Velocity

redflags.jpgThere are many different things that can turn off people in the music industry from wanting to work with your band. In this series we will explore the red flags that A&R, managers, lawyers, booking agents, etc. see in bands that make them run for the hills away from your band. In this blog we will discuss how your band needs to act fast

to show that you mean business. Your velocity is one of your biggest assets or flaws in this industry, click over the jump to read what we are talking about.

Your band’s velocity is how fast you move. Here is a great example of a
giant red flag that goes up in relation to how fast you move.  Let’s say
your band recorded in September, you then master your record for
whatever reason in March. Let’s say you were waiting on artwork, a new website or whatever. You then get it to the ears of a manager you
really want to work with and mention you just got a master last week
and he realizes you recorded your record in September. He is going to
wonder what you did for the last 6 months? Better have something to show for those months.

Successful, motivated people
(the type you want to be working with) want to see you are motivated, just like them.
They have enough problems and don’t want another one like motivating
you to stop playing Guitar Hero and actually start playing your guitar.
They want to see you are working hard and want this so bad that you
can’t wait one minute more. When you can wait six months (or even three) for your master that you could have had five months ago that shows you are not hungry. They want to see you get tasks done fast,
not suffer lapses in motivation. If you do not know how to manage your time to
get things done, you can be as talented as all hell, but you aren’t going too far. The amount of hard work that goes into breaking a band
is insane, and no matter how much they like your demo, if you are gonna
be an imitation of Floyd from True Romance, they will
find someone who is motivated.

what do you do about showing that you have velocity? Taking 6 months off to
find a new drummer? Ehhhh, find a fill in! Book mastering ASAP after
recording is done and after you get a master start getting it into the
right peoples hands THE NEXT DAY! Don’t wait on artwork for 3 months, if someone is
taking too long it is time to move on, there are plenty of artists out
there. Play shows! If there is one thing that shows you are doing
something with your band, it is a full calendar on your Myspace page. Just keep your
momentum going, if you stay busy and show you know how to work hard,
this often will forgive other flaws that a music industry figure may
see in you/your band.

Jesse Cannon is the editor of Musformation. He produces records at his studio Cannon Found Soundation. Follow him on Twitter at @JesseCannonMusF. For more info please visit his website.