More Dates Doesn’t Make It A Better Tour

side-shot.jpgWhen you’re a young band just starting out, it’s an easy mistake to measure
your band’s worth by how many tour dates you can rack up and how long you
can stay out. However, it doesn’t matter
if you’re playing Asia for a month straight or traveling coast to coast
in the US and everywhere in between, if no one shows up to watch you, it
doesn’t mean anything. Playing live shows is inspiring and invigorating,
but that novelty quickly wears off when the money runs out and the
crowds stop showing up. A fruitless tour can leave your band frustrated,
broke and at each others throats, so don’t think that adding a few more
dates simply for the sake of making yourself feel better will improve things. Despite all
the excitement, tour life can be long and grueling so it’s better to
start out with something conservative and small and see how you do
rather than burn yourself out trying to do too much. While it might stroke your ego to tell your friends back home that you’re going out on the road for 90 days, it might not necessarily be the best thing for your band.