More Artists To Go Indie This Year


Billboard is reporting an
obvious trend that has been going on for years. Many bands who have a
diminished following but are still able to sustain a strong living from music
are running to indie’s. As well they should: 

Labels like Anti and Vagrant offer much better royalty rates and offer a far superior infrastructure that makes it easier for a band to recoup. While I don’t know that any indie is going to be able to indulge a band like Metallica’s obsolete spending and recording practices, it will make sense for a band with such a strong audience to go the “NIN way”. What I do believe we will start to see as some of the less Maven acts try to go the way of Radiohead and NIN, we will see them drastically fail at this approach since they are not as tuned in to their crowd as these two acts. I think the real story here will be which forms these artists choose actually work. Though I believe the real success of many of these acts discussed in this article will be to actually get a grip and record a great record again. Notice that each of the acts on this list had their most recent records met with large disdain from their fans. (Billboard)

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