More Ways To Find Blogs That Will Write About Your Music

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Yesterday, we wrote about using The Hype Machine to use to find blogs to write about your music (you want to read that article before you read this one), but they aren’t the only game in town to find blogs to write about you. The sources we liste below can also help you find blogs who will write about you.

MentionMention is a service much like Google Alerts. If you type similar groups names into Mention, it should give you blogs, Twitter handles and other places where you should be submitting your music, following and interacting with.

Other Blog Aggregators – Although Hype Machine is the most popular blog aggregator and covers most everything you’ll need, there are other good aggregators out there like Both of these sites have similar facilities for finding blogs who will write about you. While they all cover similar music, some of them aggregate blogs that the others don’t. If you find yourself having more time to pitch blogs, these services are a great way to find more.

Google Blog Searches – A little-known fact is that Google has a special blog search function. Google Blog Search is another place to find the artist and album of a similar artist and start going deep into the search results. This does take a while: You sometimes need to go back a few pages in the Google search to find usable results.

YouTube Statistics – If you click the bar graph below every YouTube video, you can see a list of the places the video has been embedded. If you go through your targeted musicians’ YouTube videos and click this button, you can often find some blogs, message boards and news sites that will post your video or cover your music.

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