Mix The Song A Few Different Ways Part 1

multi mixesg.jpgMy friend Alap and I often talk about this idea. After you learn to wield a mixing board, it is very easy to mix a song in a totally different style fast and easy. It becomes so easy to do a dubby distorted mix, a clean radio ready mix, a crazy effects mix, and a heavy on the drums mix, etc once you know your way around your gear. This is very beneficial to the creativity of your tracks. Often times I will make 5-8 mixes of one song, take it home and listen for a while. I will then come back to the studio and use Pro Tools Import Session Data function and compile my favorite ideas of these different mixes into a single mix. After I have all my favorite ideas down I will finnese the mix and get everything to gel together. I walk away from a mix knowing I took it in the best direction.

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