Melodyne DNA Will Bring Upon A New Era Of Sampling

I spent all of last night playing with Melodyne DNA (as you can see from the above video some other people did as well). It is truly amazing that they have somehow made all audio open source! While many of the lazier producers among us have thought about using this so they don’t need to be as concerned with intonation in chords, I don’t think this is going to fix that (at least this version) what it will do is allow artist to use samples they never dreamed of before. Copyright law is going to have a hard time with this one. While I think many artists will take classic riffs from other artists work and change them slightly to make a new hook, the true power of DNA is the ability to take another song and play with the notes and make something new. Throughout the next few days I am going to upload some videos of the stuff I have been messing around with so far. In my experience it works best on a track where there is one or two instruments going. If you try to change a track with drums or vocals with some guitars or keys as well, it gets a little funky. While if you take a guitar only intro to a song and start moving the individual chords it can do some pretty amazing things. 

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