Martin Atkins R3 Music Business Seminar (Update)

Anyone who reads the site knows that we are huge fans of Martin Atkins, especially for his stance on DIY culture and the new music business model.  Always ahead of the curve, in addition to recently starting a progressive music school (R3) Martin is now offering a 2 day music business seminar in Chicago focusing on a crash course in everything you might need to know about surviving in today’s musical climate.  According to their website, the seminar will focus on everything from screen printing, graphic design, industry analysis and even hacking an X-Box.  At $299 for the weekend pass, it may just be a great investment for you or your band.  For more information on what will be happening just visit the R3 site.  Above is a video of Martin’s students from the R3 school discussing what they are working on.

Martin and his crew have contacted us and are now offering Musformation readers an exclusive $50 off the price of the seminar.  Simply use the code “musformation” and receive your discount – there’s no reason to miss this now!