Marketing Tip: Test Your Emails For Spam

spam boy.jpgWhether you’re sending emails out to fans, bloggers or a large scale email campaign in general, you’re going to want to check your emails for spam filters before you send them out.  Any number of problems can occur that can set you back months without even knowing it.  Recently, I was sending out emails for my band Sensual Harassment and after doing some tests I noticed the emails weren’t arriving.  After checking deep in my spam box I eventually found them.  One thing I discovered is that the words “Sensual Harassment” aren’t so email friendly so I had to change the “From” setting in Gmail to read “SH” to cut the spam down a bit.  Same thing goes for subject lines triggering spam filters so make sure and test a few times so all your hard work and marketing are not in vein.  Sure it’s annoying to take the time, but much less annoying than your band not getting ahead.