Making The Chorus Bigger: Quadruple Track The Guitars

various guitars.jpgIn our new series Making The Chorus Bigger we will examine numerous
ways to get your chorus to get to the size you want it to be. We will
examine the many tricks that can be utilized to make this happen.

We all know the standard tracking methods for doing guitars in a song: put one track in the left speaker, put a second separate performance in the right speaker. What many people don’t do, is record a third and fourth separate performance under those guitars in every part you want to make bigger. Whether you change the tone/guitar/amp is up to your particular production tastes. Some producers pan the double to opposite sides of the stereo spectrum so both speakers always have both guitar parts in them. The third and fourth track will usually be mixed at least 6db lower then the original tracks. There are many options and you should choose whichever ones help make you realize your own creative vision.

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